Third Molar Extractions

Third Molar Extractions

When you are experiencing pain from impacted third molars, you should schedule an appointment with a dental center in Macon Ga. Most individuals do not have enough space for their wisdom teeth so it is vital to have these removed. If you delay third molar removal, then the impaction gets worse, leading to additional problems including swollen gum tissue and misaligned teeth. After arriving at the dentist’s office, you will undergo an examination with medical images to plan the surgery to remove the wisdom teeth.

Undergoing Anesthesia

Most third molar extractions are arranged early in the morning, and you will need a responsible person with you to drive you home. Once you are under anesthesia for wisdom teeth removal, the dentist works quickly to remove the teeth from your gum tissue. If the third molars are located below the gums, then the dentist will make a tiny incision to reach the teeth. After the surgery to remove the wisdom teeth, you may have open sockets on your gums or the incisions will be stitched with an absorbable material. The dental center in Macon Ga will provide ice packs for you to use at home during your recovery.

Planning Your Recovery

It is essential for someone to stay with you after the extractions until you begin to feel better. The gum tissue where the teeth were extracted will bleed until a blood clot has formed. During this time, you must change the gauze pads on the surgical sites frequently. You will feel dehydrated after the surgery, but you can sip clear liquids without using a straw. By the second day, you can begin to consume soft foods, such as applesauce, mashed potatoes or soup. If you have any problems, then you should contact the dental center in Macon Ga right away.

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