Three Advantages of Hiring a Qualified Social Security Law Firm

Individuals hire Social Security law firms in Tacoma Wa when they become too sick or are in too much pain to work. If these people win their cases, they can qualify for monthly disability payments as well as backpay. The best way to win a disability case is to hire a qualified Tacoma, WA, law firm that specializes in Social Security disability cases. Here’s why.

Understands the Process

An established Social Security law firm in Tacoma, WA, employs attorneys who are familiar with the process for filing and obtaining disability insurance. That’s because these legal professionals are trained and certified in Social Security law. They also know the decision makers and what they consider essential for successful disability cases.

No Advance Payments

With a Social Security law firm in Tacoma, WA, clients do not have to pay any money upfront for services. Instead, these lawyers’ firms will receive the lesser amount of 25% or $6,000 of their clients’ back payments when they win their cases.

Advocate at Hearing

A reputable Social Security law firm in Tacoma, WA, will assist clients on up to their hearings. During these hearings, the lawyer will cite various clients’ medical records to prove they have genuine disabilities.

A Tacoma, WA, Social Security law firm can also help encourage clients through this relatively lengthy process. This will give the disabled persons greater peace of mind.

For Promotional Purposes: The Law Office of Kenneth N. Gormly, which can be reached at website, will guide all clients through the entire disability process to improve their chances of getting disability insurance.

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