Three Changes You Can Experience With Facial Feminization Surgery

When it comes to social transition, facial feminization can make an even bigger difference than top or bottom surgery. Your face is the first thing that people see, and facial cues often cause us to immediately perceive strangers as male or female. Here are three positive changes you can expect after facial feminization surgery.

No More Adam’s Apple

The Adam’s apple, a projection of cartilage that makes up the voice box, is a defining male feature that is rarely noticeable on women. Removing or shaving this cartilage down to reduce its appearance is a key part of feminization surgery.

Cheek Augmentation

Full, prominent cheeks are more common on female faces, and small silicone implants can be placed during facial feminization surgery to augment the cheeks and give your face a softer, feminine look. You’ll want to stock up on blush to draw attention to those beautiful new cheeks.

Lower Hairline

You may have noticed that men usually have higher hairlines that tend to recede with age. Lowering your hairline can make your face look not only more feminine but more youthful too. If you’re dealing with significant male pattern baldness, scalp advancement can be combined with hair restoration procedures.

Are you looking for a technologically advanced facility with experienced and compassionate staff for your facial feminization procedure? International Center for Transgender Care is the destination of choice for both surgical and non-surgical services for the transgender community.

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