Three Facts About Fire Sprinklers in NJ and Your Home

Most homes do not have a fire sprinkler in NJ but they should. The facts about fire sprinkler systems point to the idea that every home that has a system is a safe home. There are some surprising myths and facts about these systems like not all the sprinklers will go off only the one that is closest to the fire, so that means you are not damaging your home with water. That is just a myth.

The 3 Facts

There are plenty statistics that back up the idea that having a fire sprinkler in NJ in your home can be the difference between life and death, total loss and a contained fire. Here are 3 facts that you should consider as a homeowner about the benefits of sprinkler systems:

  1. A sprinkler system can contain and sometimes even extinguish a fire before the fire department arrives. Today’s technology allows sprinklers to be highly sensitive to fire (not smoke) and to react quickly to a fire. The dousing effect of the sprinkler can easily contain the fire and depending on the location of the fire, even put the fire out. It is the quickest way to deal with a fire in the home.
  2. 85% of civilians (non- firefighter) deaths due to a fire occur at home. Sprinklers can prevent death by containing the fire and allowing the residents to get out of harm’s way. Studies show that home sprinkler systems reduce fire related fatalities by 80% while a smoke alarm alone only reduces fatalities by 1/3rd. Protecting your family is a good reason to have a system installed. Property loss is cut down by about 70% in homes that have these systems installed and functioning properly.
  3. They are effective and affordable. On average, a fire sprinkler system costs under $2 per square foot installed. That is very affordable protection.

You should have been sold at “an 80% reduction in fatalities with sprinkler systems”. Sprinklers can make a tremendous difference in how your family is able to navigate a home fire. The system will respond quickly and start battling the blaze while your family is able to get to safety.

How Could You Not?

Once you know how powerful this tool is against fire and injury, the question is, how could you not enlist the help of Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp?

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