Three Reasons to Be Happy About the Ford Fusion

You’re on the right track if you’re thinking about buying a Ford from the dealership near Crestwood. Which Ford do you want, though? The Ford Fusion in Crestwood may just be the best option for you to take for these reasons:

Seating for Five

The Fusion sedan seats up to five people, so you’ll never have to worry about having enough room for everyone involved in the ride. You can easily accommodate yourself and your family, or you can use the vehicle to work a transportation gig and accommodate customers.

 Great Gas Mileage

The Ford Fusion in Crestwood has amazing gas mileage and can save you money. That’s a plus whether you’re a struggling college student, a retired homemaker or a successful attorney. You can  drive for up to 32 miles per gallon from the tank of the standard model.

Fun Exterior Colors and Design

Part of owning a Ford is the feeling that you get when you know you’ve got a fabulous exterior. The color options are fun, and the design is cutting edge. You’ll be able to sport around town in shell colors like Ruby Red, Lightning Blue, and White Gold. The precision-cut grille will dazzle the onlookers as you approach and mesmerize them for miles after you pass. You’ll love every minute of riding in this affordable but brilliant model.

Techtastic Cabin

The Fusion is not lacking in technology in any way. It comes with special features like the SYNC 3 system that links you to Alexa and all of your favorite applications. You’ll have a heap of revolutionary safety features to protect you, as well. Examples of such features are the Adaptive Cruise Control and the Lane Keeping System. Tech wise, the Fusion is a well-rounded vehicle, and you will be happy with every aspect of it.

Hawk Ford has a vast assortment of vehicles from which you may choose one to test-drive and then buy for yourself. You can make an appointment today to schedule a test-drive that will let you know whether the fusion and you are a perfect fit. Call or complete a short form and someone will set up a time when they can give you their full attention. To know more about Ford Fusion visit us

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