Three Scientific Applications of X-ray Tubes to Know in Santa Cruz, CA

How much do you know about X-ray tubes? X-rays allow you to see the inside of everything from the human body to a tomato, and they are produced by an electrostatic field inside a vacuum tube. These small tubes are essential for many technologies that people take for granted. Here are three common X-ray tube applications to know.

Medical Imaging

If you have ever had a broken bone, dental exam or mammogram, you have benefited from scientific X-ray tubes. These little tubes are used to power a variety of medical imaging technologies that doctors, dentists and chiropractors use every day.

Security Equipment

When airport security was beefed up following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, sending your luggage and carry-on bags through an X-ray machine became an essential part of boarding flights. X-rays are also used as an alternative to physical inspections like pat-downs and emptying pockets.

Food Inspection

You might not think of scientific X-ray tubes as an important farm tool, but many farmers use them to inspect crops for disease and pests. X-rays can detect disease, pests and rot inside an individual fruit or vegetable without the need to destroy it.

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