Three Signs Your Hearing Aid Needs to Be Repaired in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Healthcare

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Your hearing aid is essential for getting important information and communicating with friends and family. However, hearing aids sometimes malfunction. If a battery change and cleaning doesn’t fix your hearing aid, it’s time to seek professional help. Here are three signs you need hearing aid repairs in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

You Notice Physical Damage

Accidents happen. If you have dropped or stepped on your hearing aid, there may be obvious physical damage like cracks or breaks. Take your hearing aid for repairs right away to avoid further damage.

You Hear Static or Feedback

Unpleasant noises like static, feedback or ringing are among the most common reasons for hearing aid repairs in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. These sounds can be caused by damage, dirty wax filters or wax or moisture embedded deep within the hearing aid. A repair specialist can diagnose and fix the problem.

You Can’t Hear Anything

The purpose of a hearing aid is to help you hear better, so no sound at all is a big problem. Lack of sound is often due to a simple volume adjustment error. However, your hearing aid may be dirty, damaged or need to be replaced if turning the volume up doesn’t solve the problem.

Whether you need hearing aid repairs or a new hearing aid, Premier Hearing Solutions works within your budget to provide the best hearing aid solutions and services.