Three Steps You Should Take If You Are Having an Air Conditioning Emergency

If your air conditioning isn’t working well in the summer, it can be an issue. If the system completely breaks down in the middle of July, it could potentially be a dangerous situation for the people that live there. Unfortunately, 24-hour heating and cooling in St Louis services are sometimes needed in the event of an emergency. There are some steps you can take yourself to help the situation, like the following.

Check the Filters
A clog in your system can cause it to become so backed up that it simply shuts off. Check our filters first if you have an air conditioning shut down before you call a company for 24-hour heating and cooling in St Louis. If you replace them with new ones, it could remedy the breakdown right away.

Check the Breakers
In the event of an HVAC shutdown, the problem may be with your power, not the air conditioner itself. Head to your fuse box and flip the breaker to restore power to the system. If this doesn’t work, you may need to replace the old fuse with a new one. If these two things don’t work, you need a pro.

Open Windows
If it happens at night, open your windows to trap as much cool air as you can in the home before the technicians arrive. If it happens during the day, make sure the windows are closed so you can keep the treated air in the home for as long as possible.

The last thing anyone wants to experience is an HVAC shutdown. If your air conditioner suddenly stops working, call Classic Aire Care to take advantage of their world-class services.

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