Three Ways You Can Tell if You’re Eligible for Missouri SSDI Benefits

Social Security disability is a helpful benefit that a disability attorney in Missouri can help you collect. The following are three ways you can tell that you might qualify for it:

Your Work History

To qualify for SSDI, you must have earned enough work credits during your course of employment. You can find out if you have by contacting the SSA to request the information. You will pass the first stage of qualification if you’ve earned enough credits.

The Length of Your Condition

The length of time that you will be disabled will have a lot to do with your qualifications. You must have proof from a medical provider that you will be disabled for a period of at least 12 months. The medical provider must document it well and must provide the disability attorney in Missouri with tangible notes and information.

Your Level of Activity

You will also need to show proof that your activity level is extremely low and that you will be unable to obtain and exercise gainful employment. The application is a lengthy document that needs to have every detail filled out perfectly and fully. Therefore, it might be in your best interest to have a qualified legal specialist help you complete it. Having a lawyer in your corner might be the element that brings you success.

You may very well qualify for the benefit if you match any of the above-mentioned criteria. Still, it’s best to see a knowledgeable disability attorney in Missouri to get a definitive answer.

Contact Grundy Disability Group LLC for information about qualifying for SSDI.

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