Tips for AC Drain Cleaning & Drain Pan Installation

A byproduct of the air conditioner’s ability to cool a home is moisture. This moisture is created as the unit dehumidifies. It is removed through the condensate drain. As time passes, the drain may become clogged up with debris and dirt and need professional AC Drain Cleaning or AC Drain Pan Installation. There are a number of ways that can be used to clean the AC condensate drain, with one method being to use white vinegar.

Benefits of Vinegar vs. Bleach

There are a number of companies that recommend pouring bleach into the drain to clear a clog; however, this method has the potential to cause serious damage to the various AC system components. It can cause damage to the materials it is used for since bleach is considered to be a corrosive and harsh chemical. When it is colder out, the bleach can easily begin to cause deterioration of the line, as well as the cement and glue joining the fittings to the line and the actual condensation pan.

Also, if bleach is poured in the AC unit’s drain when it is not being operated -; such as at a vacation home -; it can leave a significant amount of residual bleach behind, which can cause damage to the line, as well as the unit’s drain pan. When vinegar is used instead, it will offer a method of preventative maintenance all year, which will keep the drain clean but not cause any other damage. The bottom line is that vinegar is just as effective without damaging potential.

Calling the Pros

For homeowners who are not comfortable making their own repairs or providing Drain Cleaning for their AC unit, calling on the professionals is the best option. In fact, scheduling regular AC maintenance several times a year will ensure that this process is done and that the drain remains clear.

Trying the above method on how to clean a drainpipe can ensure it remains clog-free throughout the year. Take some time to call on the right AC professionals since they will be able to provide the best results for the issue at hand. Failure to take the time to do this may result in serious issues with the AC unit.

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