Tips for Attending a Music Festival on a First Date in Indianapolis

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When you realize that you could have a special connection with the new person in your life, you may feel excited to take them on your first romantic date But, it can be hard finding the best location to spend time with each other. You want to share similar passions and have a bit of adventure, so a music festival can be the best place to go. Below are the tips to make your date more successful.

Stay Sober

Watching live music in Indianapolis IN, gives you the chance to unwind and have lots of fun. The crown and music makes you want to sing, dance, and enjoy a few relaxing drinks. But, you don’t want to lose sight of the real reason you are there. This moment is your chance to impress the person you are interested in by letting them learn about you. It would be hard to have a conversation if you are drunk or partying too hard. Instead, you could stay sober for the night, or have one drink that you sip throughout the evening.

Plan Ahead

On a first date, you want to minimize the amount of awkward moments you have. To keep the day running smoothly, plan beforehand, so you have everything you need. This can include packing a bag with a comfortable blanket, sunscreen, and a portable phone charger. Put a few bills in your pocket instead of relying on a debit or credit card for merchants that only accept cash payments. And, most importantly, get the tickets to live music in Indianapolis, IN, ahead of time. Store them in your glove box, so they won’t be forgotten.

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