Tips for Baking with Silicone (Hint: It’s Easier Than You’d Think!)

Baking with silicone can have many benefits, but it can also be somewhat tricky. Here are some top tips for getting it right when using silicone baking mats, pans, molds, and more:

You Don’t Have to Lubricate – But You Might Still Want To

Silicone is considered to be a naturally nonstick surface. Even without lubrication or lining, it typically releases baked goods and other edibles easily. If you find any hesitation upon release, you can even twist the silicone mold to pop the treats right out.

While all of this makes prepares for baking an easy process, it can still pay dividends in the end to lubricate your pans. Use something light – like a top-quality baking spray – to lightly mist your bakeware and enjoy enhanced ease of release. Just don’t overdo it; you don’t want your batter to slip right out of your pan!

Offer Support to Your Pans

Silicone is great for baking, but it is notoriously flimsy. All it takes to ruin your dessert is a misplaced grip on the pan or an accidental spill. Place a sturdy pan of metal, glass or stone beneath your silicone bakeware and enjoy more peace of mind while baking. Some baking suppliers even sell coordinating pans that are perfectly designed to prop up your silicone pans, so be sure to ask when you go shopping!

No Need to Modify Temperatures

Silicone is wonderfully heat-resistant. It is safe for everything from your oven to your microwave to your dishwasher – even your freezer! So, don’t worry about melting your pans and mats. Turn up the heat and bake your goods as usual.

Silicone is Not Knife-Proof!

It’s important to remove your cake, cookies, brownies, or other baked goods from your silicone baking mats or molds before serving. Even the dullest knife can slice right through a silicone baking dish, and once silicone has been damaged it is no longer usable for baking or other food service. Take care not to prick, slice, or otherwise damaged your pans, and they’ll last year after year.

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