Tips for Choosing and Hiring the Best Movers

While most moves go smoothly, everyone has heard of or experienced a bad move. It’s something that you want to avoid at all cost, and to do that, you need the best movers in Chicago. These professionals have the tools and skills necessary to do the job correctly.


Most people don’t realize it, but the moving company you choose should inventory all the belongings in your home, which includes clothing, furniture, and more. They should also determine the weight and bulk of the move. The estimator who arrives should check any storage spaces, such as drawers, bookcases, garages, and cupboards. Many times, moving companies quote a price based on weight and how much space it will take up in the truck, so you want to ensure that the estimate is accurate.


The estimator is likely to do a walk-through of the home, so they should have a notebook to take notes. This should take some time because they should be thorough. They may also ask you questions about what is going to be moved from here to the new place, so make sure you know what items aren’t going or what items you want to move yourself.


Many times, moving companies ask for a deposit before the move, but you should only agree to pay them upon delivery. You can’t be certain that there won’t be an accident and items will get broken. You should have the right to pay them after inspecting all the items or most of them. If you can’t find a company who doesn’t require a deposit of some sort, make sure you use a credit card for proof of payment.

The best movers in Chicago are those that have no hidden fees and a reputation for reliability. Visit Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. and get a free moving estimate.

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