Tips for Decorating Your First Apartment in New York City

You have searched high and low and looked at every one of the apartments for sale in New York City. Finally, you have found one, signed the paperwork, gotten the keys, and are ready to settle in. Now, it’s time to remember that these aren’t the dorms at colleges and need to figure out how to decorate your first apartment.

With that being said, read on below for some tips on how to decorate any of the apartments for sale in New York City, especially your own.

Paint, Paint, Paint

Paint can transform any space right away and if you feel that your apartment needs a little sprucing up, this is the best way to get the job done. Make sure to go with colors that are bold but still manage to make your apartment cozy and homey for you and your friends.

Hang Curtains

Nothing can make you feel more grown up than hanging your first set of curtains in your very own apartment. It is better to hang curtains, instead of blinds, because blinds tend to look like you are only there for a temporary stay. The right curtains will give any room in your apartment structure and color as well.

Place Area Rugs All Around

Even if your apartment has carpet instead of hardwood flooring, placing area rugs in each of the rooms can give it an elegant yet cozy feel as well. Not only do they protect your floors and carpeting, they can add just the right amount and pop of color to any room in your apartment.

Change the Lighting

No matter what type of lighting is in the apartment when you first move in, you are going to want to add your own lighting as well. From mood lighting to chandeliers in the living room, lighting can make all the difference in the way any room looks.

Enjoy Living on Your Own

Above all else, you should just sit back and enjoy living on your own. This is your first apartment, make sure that you don’t forget to enjoy it and make it your very own.

These are just a few tips to help you make your first apartment your own from the beginning. Remember, you no longer live in the dorms, so make your home cozy and yours as quickly as possible. Settle in and enjoy!

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