Tips for Dental Implants in Elk Grove Village

Are you looking for high-quality dental implants? With any dental practice, you want to make sure that the procedure will be effective and deliver the results that you want. Dental implants can provide the sleek porcelain finish that matches your real enamel, and they are quite durable. If a patient takes care of the dental implants, they can last for the lifetime of the patient. If you are looking for dental implants Elk Grove Village services, then there are a few things you should know before you go.

Outpatient Procedure
Dental implants generally are a quick procedure. You can go home right after the operation. You will need to arrange how to get home after the procedure as you may still be under anesthesia and unable to drive.

Tooth Removal
Part of the dental implant procedure is removing the damaged tooth so the implant can take its place. This means that the dentist will scan your teeth and identify the tooth that must be removed, as well as making a mold for the implant.

Bone Graft May Be Required
Sometimes dental implants also require a bone graft. Your dentist will inform you if this part of the procedure is necessary. This helps to increase the thickness of the bone and allow for placement of the implant. It may take a little longer for a bone graft to heal with a dental implant.

Abutment Installation
Once the implant is fused with the bone, you also will have an abutment that is placed on top of the implant. This is where the crown will be attached. When the gun around the abutment has healed, a crown will be attached. These can be permanent or removable.

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