Tips For Rug Cleaning For Asheville Homes

Most homes in the Asheville area have different flooring throughout the residence. This typically includes either area rugs or carpeting in bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, and hallways. Keeping a carpet or area rug clean is not always easy, but there are some simple ways to reduce the frequency of the need for professional Rug Cleaning In Asheville.

Vacuum Frequently

Vacuuming carpets and rugs on a regular basis helps to prevent dirt and other debris from becoming ground into the fiber of the carpet. Most areas of the home just need vacuuming once a week, but high traffic areas or entrances may need extra attention.

Keep in mind, if you have pets in the house, they will track in dirt and also contribute to hair deposited on the surface of the rugs. Frequent vacuuming in pet areas is also recommended.

Manage Stains Immediately

Blot, never rub, any stains on carpets. Use a white, absorbent cloth or paper towel to prevent any risk of dye from the cloth staining the carpet. Ideally, call in a professional rug cleaner if the stain does not “lift” off the carpet using this method.

Unfortunately, many people try to use homemade recipes for stain removal that set the stain into the fiber. Even commercially available rug cleaning products can cause problems by leaving residue on the carpet that simply attracts dirt even if the stain is removed.

If you have an antique or valuable rug, including Persian rugs, hire a company that specializes in cleaning Oriental rugs. These rugs can be easily damaged by do-it-yourself rug cleaning equipment. Hiring a professional rug cleaner in Asheville to come to your home is a simple solution.

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