Tips on Convenient Airport Parking

Airport parking in the holiday season can be a nightmare. More often than not, busy airports have no parking for vehicles at peak hours. In winter, your car can get snowbound, and that can add to your problems. For frequent fliers and business travellers, you can’t always get friends or family to take the long drive out to the airport to drop you and then pick you up on your return. It’s just too much of an obligation. Using your own transport is the ideal way to get your baggage and yourself to the airport on time at all hours. Hotels and parking facilities have worked out an ideal way to resolve the common passenger’s parking issues. You can now book airport parking online, so you are saved the trouble of looking for a secure and affordable place to park your vehicle if you are going out of the city for a few days.

Airports are usually located at a distance from the city and other residential localities. Commutes are long and sometimes public transport is infrequent. Using cabs and public transport may not always be the answer. If you are carrying a lot of baggage and have small kids or pets travelling with you, public transport is not the best choice. Cabs can be expensive. If the airport is a long distance from your home, to avoid traffic snarls on the highway, delays due to bad weather and other problems, you can stay overnight at a hotel near the airport and keep your car at the hotel lot. Some hotels offer affordable packages of one night’s stay combined with up to two weeks of airport parking along with shuttle services to and from the terminal.

Cheap airport parking at Denver, Dallas, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas and a host of other cities across the States is now at your finger tips. Lock in your reserved airport parking slots by prepaying for facilities online. On-demand shuttle service to drop you at the terminal for departure and arrival is included in the rates for services.

Before booking services online find the minimum rates for airport parking. Some cities like Charlotte offer facilities at a base rate of just $4 a day for long term use. In cities like Seattle, minimum rates can be as high as $28 a day. Weigh your options before you select the right place and spot for airport parking. Denver, Dallas and other cities have very reasonable rates for long term parking. Find online sites to book your spot.

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