Tips on Tile Cleaning

Bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens are high humidity zones in your home. The level of moisture and warm environment are ideal for the colonization of bacteria and other pathogens and the spread of mold and mildew. Tiles, counters and other surfaces are the places where you would expect to see residues of dirt and mold. Surfaces in these zones should be kept clean by home owners, but occasional professional tile cleaning would ensure a healthier environment for your family.

Home owners do not have the required technology and equipment needed for cleaning out the grouts and for deep-seated tile cleaning. Some agencies use green technology for more eco-friendly solutions in your home. The use of harsh and harmful chemicals has been replaced by more eco-friendly techniques that protect your home but get rid of bacteria, pathogens and other harmful entities in your home.

Professional tile cleaning achieves long term results that reduce the need for future frequent cleaning by the home owner. The professional tile cleaning technicians have access to proper and effective equipment. You may be scrubbing tiles, grout and surfaces in your home with harmful abrasive chemical compounds that scour the surface to remove the dirt and residues that accumulate there. Green solutions do not involve the use of harsh chemical compounds. Revolutionary new techniques are now being used that employ innovative, alternative methods to remove microbes, bacteria and other harmful pathogens from your home surfaces.

Some surfaces like granite are porous and ideal for sheltering microbes, bacteria and other pathogens. Technician now use nano-technology sealants to make these granite surfaces more hygienic. The sealant fills up the pores in the granite and provides a thin invisible film over the surface to inhibit the spread and growth of bacteria and suffocate those already present.

Grout and tile cleaning is a tough task. Home owners take hours to clean and polish the grout lines. Household detergents and other scouring agents leave scratches on the surfaces that deteriorate the finish over time. These compounds also leave residues on the surfaces that attract more dirt and grime, tiles ultimately lose their glaze and grout lines become discolored with time. To offer long term solutions for your countertops and tiled surfaces, opt for green solutions that are less harsh and use biodegradable solutions to provide longer lasting results. Empowered water is one of the innovative cleaning solutions available that uses high pressure water to remove accumulated dirt and grime during professional tile cleaning. Jacksonville residents can find technicians in the area offering innovative techniques for tile cleaning.

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