Tips to Consider When You Own a Car in College

College is an exciting time. It’s your first experience where you live on your own. For many college students, it’s the first time when you’ll get your own car. If you want that car to run well, you’ll need to take care of it. Practice these habits when you’re first starting out as a car owner in college.

1. Budget money for gas.
Set aside money to pay for your gas. Don’t wait until your gas tank is low in order to fill it up. You never want to be stuck in traffic when the empty light comes on. Make sure you keep a few dollars in a secret place in your car. This will help you to put gas in your tank in the case of an emergency where you’ve forgotten your wallet at home.

2. Get regular oil changes.
Many repair shops are helpful in the process. They’ll write down the next time you’ll need an oil change, and they’ll place it on a sticker. The sticker goes in the top left corner of your windshield. This is the perfect place for you to see and know the next time you’ll need to schedule your appointment. Your car can’t run efficiently when it’s low on oil.

3. Be proactive when problems arise.
Don’t spend too much time waiting for the problem to go away. In fact, if you wait too long, the problem can get worse. If your car squeaks when you place your foot on the brake pedal, chances are you’ll need brake repair in Orland Park. If the tire light comes on, you might not need new tires. You might just need to go to the gas station to fill them up with more air. Always be proactive when something seems off.

Whether you need new tires or brake repair in Orland Park, use these tips and visit VIP Tire. Just like you need to be thorough in your car maintenance habits, they’ll provide thorough care you can rely on.

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