Tips to Mow a Great Lawn

Nobody wants to be the house that has the jungle for a front yard. While you are more than welcome to purchase a quality self mowing lawn mower, there is just something about getting out there and getting your hands dirty. For you dirt-loving people, we have a few lawn mowing tips for a greener yard.

  • Have a Plan and Ready Your Yard

Every yard and lawn is unique. They have their own little quirks and trouble areas. It is always recommended that you take a quick look at your yard and make a plan of attack. It may make more sense to start with the edges and go in or to handle garden edges first.

With this planning comes a little yard prep. Grab anything that isn’t grass or small plant material. The last thing you want is to run over your child’s toy or a garden hose. Big debris can damage your lawnmower and make your job a heck of a lot tougher.

  • Grab Your Tools and Check Your Equipment

You can make this the shortest step on our list by grabbing a self-mowing lawn mower, but to do things yourself is going to take a little more work. Make sure you have all the tools you are going to need. Check the lawnmower and edger to make sure blades are sharpened and cords are ready to go.

  • Never Cut Your Lawn Too Short

One mistake that many homeowners and lawn care enthusiasts tend to make is cutting their lawns too short. By doing this, you are making your lawns more susceptible to climate changes and other possibly damaging factors. This means no more mowing your lawn every week. Nature doesn’t work on our time schedule. Watch for when your lawn needs trimming.

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