Tips to Prolong the Need for Commercial Refrigeration System Repair in Centerville OH

Many business owners don’t think much about their freezers and walk-in coolers until there’s a problem. However, emergency repairs are expensive, as is the risk of the loss of perishable items. In many cases, problems can be prevented or minimized with proper maintenance and occasional commercial refrigeration system repair in Centerville OH. Below are several ways to maintain commercial refrigeration equipment.

Keep It Clean

Part of maintaining commercial refrigeration equipment is keeping it clean. Soap and water is the best cleaning solution; chemicals may harm metal surfaces. Mop or sweep surrounding floors and keep them debris-free. Be sure to clean up spills immediately to prevent freezing, cracking, and other damage. It’s important to frequently clean evaporator fan blades and coils; schedule cleanings quarterly, and be sure to evaluate them for damage and replace them as necessary.

Inspect Door Hinges and Seals

If the doors don’t close and seal properly, even the best refrigeration equipment is useless. Ensure that hinges are properly lubricated at least once per quarter and that door seals are working as they should. Don’t prop doors open for prolonged periods and ensure that doors are kept closed except when they’re in use.

Assess the Condensing Unit

Next, check the condensing unit to ensure proper operation. Always keep areas around the condensing units and evaporators clean to facilitate full airflow. Don’t allow clutter and trash to accumulate around walk-in freezers and other refrigeration equipment.

Monitor Temperatures Each Day

Temperature fluctuations may indicate a problem within the equipment. Control systems store and record operational histories to hep technicians diagnose problems, and if they’re found, it’s time to call for commercial refrigeration system repair in Centerville OH.

Set Up a Maintenance Schedule

Talk with a refrigeration expert about creating a maintenance program. With scheduled upkeep, business owners will ensure the continued smooth, efficient operation of their equipment. Refrigeration technicians should know what to look for, and early detection makes a significant difference in the prevention of costly emergencies.

Refrigeration is only one part of a successful business. Because it’s so frequently forgotten, it’s wise to make regular appointments for maintenance and repairs. Contact us by phone or email to schedule service.

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