Tired of ED Symptoms? Learn About a Drug Free Treatment

Men that struggle with erectile dysfunction often are hesitant to undergo treatment. The tales that men tell in locker rooms and other male hangouts regarding pills used to treat ED or various surgical treatments are enough to keep guys from even mentioning the issue with their doctors. However, there comes a time when symptoms become so bad that anything would be an improvement. The truth is, there are some radical new treatments for erectile dysfunction that includes a completely drug free ED treatment Costa Mesa, Ca residents have come to trust. This treatment facility is a longstanding clinic for men and they have continued to show excellent results.

Are you tired of ED symptoms? If so, learn about a drug free ED treatment in Costa Mesa, Ca. This men’s ED clinic offers stunning good results that are likely to last. The new treatment not only requires zero drugs, it doesn’t require uncomfortable and stressful surgery either. This treatment utilizes shockwave therapy using only low intensity waves that are precisely targeted towards the problem areas. This treatment usually begins with 6 treatments over 3 to 6 weeks time. Then there is a wait of about 90 days to wait for new blood vessels to grow back and penile tissue repairs itself.

After waiting 90 days, the patient comes back for 6 more treatments as before. This method has been studied in the clinical setting starting about 2003. The exciting results are indeed remarkable, and they actually induce the body to rehabilitate the problematic tissue in the penis after treatments. Men that suffer from ED should seriously consider inquiring about this absolutely drug free ED treatment that Costa Mesa, Ca medical doctors are giving. While this therapy might be shocking, it transforms gentle shockwaves directed from outside the body into prodding the penile tissue to rehabilitate itself. Contact LaSara Medical Group today.

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