Tired of Lower Body and Limb Pain? Buying Online Custom Orthotics Helps

You’ve tried so many different ways to alleviate foot, ankle, lower leg, hip and lower back pain. None of the over-the-counter orthotics for fifty bucks or less have worked. You can feel the difference under your feet, but still end up with the pain no matter what. Stop buying those and get your custom orthotics. Custom orthotics cost is not as costly as you might think.

Still Covered by Most Insurance Plans

Custom orthotics cost is covered by most insurance plans. If the cost is not totally covered, you can purchase an additional umbrella plan health insurance to cover the difference. Of course, if the difference is as much or less than the umbrella plan, you may want to just pay the remainder out-of-pocket costs or use your flex spending dollars. These particular orthotics are incredibly affordable, even before health insurance covers some or most of the cost.

Cheap by Comparison

When you add up all the pain pills, the salves, the foot soaks, the foot baths, the massages, the devices to ease pain and strain and the OTC orthotics, you probably have already paid more than what a single pair of custom orthotics cost. Now imagine junking all of that and just buying the custom orthotics that correct your feet for good. No more pain, no more pain treatments and your feet will fit shoes better. You will save hundreds of dollars over the next several decades!

If you are ready to make the leap into great pain-free feet, contact Arcus Orthotics via www.arcuscustomorthotics.com.

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