Top Furnace Parts Homes That Need Maintenance

Residential heating systems need annual maintenance to work their best. Professional maintenance done by an HVAC contractor is recommended to ensure the correct furnace parts near Crystal Lake, IL, homes get cleaned. Here are some of the parts that need yearly maintenance from qualified service technicians.


Furnace burners can become misaligned from regular use, which causes them to collect more dirt. When burners get too dirty, they can’t ignite and this affects the furnace’s performance. Removing the burners and cleaning them is the best way to prevent malfunctions and improve the furnace’s efficiency.

Homeowners shouldn’t attempt to clean burners themselves. Avoid injury and further damage to the burners by hiring qualified service techs to handle this maintenance task.

Blower Assembly

Households that struggle with allergy and asthma symptoms want to have the furnace’s blower assembly cleaned once a year. Removing dust and dirt stops allergens from being recirculated throughout the air. It’s also a great way to keep the furnace’s filter from becoming dirty faster. Contact a technician to do this task and enjoy fresher indoor air.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is another part that collects dust and dirt. However, the heat exchanger is a sensitive part and should never be cleaned by anyone other than a licensed service technician. Cleaning the heat exchanger requires special tools and knowledge to protect the part from becoming damaged.

Homeowners who invest in professional maintenance for their furnace parts near Crystal Lake, IL, enjoy worry-free heating year after year. To schedule maintenance, contact Gleason Heating and Air Conditioning.

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