Top Reasons Chicago Businesses Use Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Investing in custom design and construction of a trade show exhibition booth or display is a significant cost of a business or company of any size. In addition to the initial cost, there is the cost of moving the exhibit booth, the cost of storage, and the cost to hire people in the different cities where the conventions are held to assemble and breakdown the booth after the event is over.

There are also other considerations for a Chicago business as well when it comes to investing in their trade show booth. A very big issue is the actual design of the booth itself. While it can be designed to be new and fresh the first year it is out on the trade show circuit, it is not going to new and fresh the second, third and subsequent shows.

Consumers and B2B customers like to see something new. The same old look in a trade show exhibit can make a business look like it is no longer cutting edge, it has limited funds to create a new look in an exhibit booth, or as if the business simply does not care.

The Rental Solution

An option for any business in Chicago to consider is the use of trade show exhibit rentals. These booths and displays are not just pop up boxes where you add your graphics and images; they are constructed to your specifications.

Top companies like Chicago Exhibit Productions, Inc. provide graphic designers, engineers, fabrication experts, and installers to create trade show exhibit rentals that are truly one of a kind and the present your business just as you want for the given trade show.

With the ability to change the design, add elements, and have a new look with every event, the option for trade show exhibit rentals offers the option for a new look and a consistent message year after year.

If you are interested in trade show exhibit rentals in the Chicago area, talk to our team and find out more about what we do. For more details online, see us at

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