Top Reasons To Complete An NASM Certification In NYC

There is an increasing demand for personal trainers across New York State as well as around the country. In NYC, the need for quality personal trainers continues to grow, making this an ideal choice for those interested in a career that provides the opportunity to grow, specialize and to work directly with clients in a unique environment.

The NASM certification is offered through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Different training programs or personal training schools across the country are authorized and approved to offer this certification training.

However, this is more than just a training program. There will be ongoing benefits with NASM certification, which is widely recognized as the best program for personal trainers. Additionally, the National Academy of Sports Medicine offers a range of additional programs that will allow certified professional trainers to continue to grow and expand their knowledge and services.

Increased Salary

One of the top reasons many personal trainers choose NASM certification is the level of recognition this brings. Not only does it indicate your understating of fitness and training best practices and research, but it also demonstrates your commitment to being a top professional.

The certification allows the trainer to ask for an above average hourly rate or flat rate from clients in NYC. This translates into a higher annual salary for trainers working full or part-time, typically about $6000 over trainers certified by other organizations for their first year alone.


As mentioned above, the certification also allows person trainer to move into areas of specialization recognized by NASM. These can include corrective exercise, and performance enhancement, both with can open new opportunities and allow personal trainers to move into niche markets.

There are other benefits to consider as well. NASM works with several universities, allowing personal trainers to integrate their training through the organization with some related academic programs in the exercise and science fields.

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