Top Services to Expect When You Hire a Knox County Social Security Lawyer

The process of applying for and getting Social Security disability benefits can be lengthy and challenging. From the time that you first put in your application to the time that you get approved, several months or years can pass.

When you want to get through the process as quickly and easily as possible, you need to hire a legal team to assist you. By hiring an available Social Security lawyer Knox County applicants stand a better chance of being approved on the first or second time that you go to court.

Gathering Medical Evidence

When you hire a skilled Social Security lawyer Knox County clients like you can get help gathering the medical evidence needed to substantiate your claim in court. When you go before the judge, you will have to prove that you have a health issue that prevents you from working and earning an income. This condition should be chronic or terminal and not a disease or injury that can be easily treated.

Some of the illnesses that can garner instant approval from the court include pulmonary fibrosis and blindness. However, regardless of from what condition that you suffer, you will have to provide proof like medical records and testimonies from doctors that you cannot return to work and earn a viable income.

Filing an Appeal

If you do not suffer a fatal illness or a condition like blindness that robs you of one of your senses, chances are that you will be denied the first time that you apply. You have the right to file an appeal and have your case heard again. Your lawyer can file the appeal immediately and get another court date scheduled for you to appear again.

You can find out more about hiring a Social Security attorney online. Contact Miller & Drozdowski at our website.

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