Top Tips for Successful Bear Baiting

Baiting bears for a hunt might seem simple at first glance, but there’s a lot of knowledge, preparation, and tricks that go into the process. It’s always wise to go with a hunting guide or outfitter to secure a higher likelihood of quick and successful bait, and there are several tips you’ll want to keep in mind. After you’ve stocked up with a bear bait dealer in Abbotsford WI and read up on bear hunting regulations, here’s what you need to know.

Know Your Terrain

Take the time not just to learn the area, but familiarize yourself with how bears move through. The best-laid bait will be useless if it’s not in a bear’s path or area of exploration. You also don’t want to leave the bait in a wide-open area, as the bears will feel less secure stopping for a snack if they don’t have any cover.

Lay Your Bait Carefully

Make sure that your bait is secured in such a way that the bear can’t remove it from the site. You can tie down your container of bait, for example, or hang it from a tree. It’s also wise to leave a few scent trails around the area to lead bears to the bait, and to scatter small pockets of bait in different areas so that other scavengers will have a place to pick at instead of crowding your main bait.

Prep Your Blind in Advance

Set up your blind in advance, before setting up your bait. This will prevent any disturbances to the area after the bait is laid, and lets you choose the best position for a shot once a bear is in your sights.

A reputable bear bait dealer in Abbotsford WI can get you started with the best quality materials irresistible to bears. Once you’ve found a guide and acquired the rest of your supplies, you’ll be ready for a successful hunt.

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