Transgender Breast Augmentation Basics

For transgender women, breast augmentation surgery is an option that provides a more feminine breast size and shape. By having breast implants placed, the woman can experience a more feminine breast contour. This is often indicated when hormone therapy has not provided the desired breast development. Even with hormones, transwomen often want to enhance the contour and shape of their breakfast to improve self-esteem and confidence.

Techniques for Breast Augmentation

Transgender breast augmentation can be done by an experienced surgeon to properly meet your specific goals in reaching a more feminine shape. The surgery is done on an outpatient basis with the use of general anesthesia. First an incision is made and a pocket is created for the implants to be placed into. This needs to be done carefully to prevent excess scarring so the procedure is as invisible as possible. The implants will then be inserted and positioned. At that point the incision will be closed. This is a quick surgery and often takes less than an hour.

When to Request Breast Augmentation

You can choose to have breast augmentation at any time in your transition. In some cases, it will be done at the same time as facial and body feminization. For those who did not develop well with hormones, you may not have enough skin for the breast size you prefer. If this is the case, the surgery will involve two different stages. The first will involve having skin expanders placed while the second will involve placing the actual implants.

What to Consider Before Breast Augmentation

There are two major considerations to think about before your surgery is done. The first involves the location of the implant itself. Implants can be placed either behind your pectoral muscles or in front of them. The first option is more common as it creates the most natural breast slope. You will also have more support for the implants.

You also want to consider the placement of the incision, which can be under the fold of the breast or through an incision in the areola or under the armpit. The first type of incision is the most common but may not be the right one for every transgender woman.

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