Treating A Substance Abuse Disorder

There are a number of ways to treat substance abuse including individual therapy, group therapy, inpatient and outpatient programs, medication, 12 step fellowship and peer support groups. Someone looking for substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis does not necessarily need all of what is available but each one of them has a role to play.

Diagnosing the problem:

Diagnosing a substance abuse problem depends on more than just the physical manifestations that are typical of an addict. Instead of this, professionals employ a number of physical and behavior criteria, which include:

    *    Is the individual unable to stop using drugs?
    *    Is the individual unable to function at work and meet family obligations?
    *    Do withdrawal symptoms appear when the drug is unavailable?
    *    Is drug use compulsive even though the individual is aware of the potentially deadly consequences of continued use?

To have a substance abuse problem, all of these symptoms do not have to be present. It is quite possible to be addicted but still meet work and social obligations.

Inpatient treatment:

Inpatient substance abuse treatment takes the addict out of his or her environment and puts them in an environment where they can focus exclusively on recovery. An inpatient treatment program increases the chance of success; this is particularly true if the home environment is not conducive to dealing with such things as depression, anxiety, etc.
Inpatient treatment includes both individual and group therapy sessions. If it is found to be necessary medication can be provided during initial detoxification and withdrawal.

Outpatient treatment:

Well designed outpatient substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis is often used throughout the recovery process. Some recovering addicts use outpatient programs during the later phases of recovery. In many cases a patient will attend a reasonably short inpatient program and then transition to an outpatient program during recovery.

If you or a family member is addicted to drugs or alcohol you may wish to look into substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis. You are invited to contact Options Family & Behavior Services.

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