Treatment for Back Pain

If you are an athlete with a back injury, then you need assistance from a Kinnelon NJ chiropractor. This type of medical expert understands the anatomy of the back and nearby regions to provide a variety of treatments such as spinal adjustments or physical therapy. You don’t need to rely on pain medications that can lead to side effects or an addiction because chiropractic care can help you to overcome the chronic pain in your back, shoulders, neck or hips. The primary form of treatment at a chiropractor’s office is spinal manipulation to release the tension in the vertebrae of the back.

Hydrotherapy or Infrared Therapy

A Kinnelon NJ chiropractor offers additional treatments such as hydrotherapy in whirling bathtubs or treatment with infrared radiation equipment that will warm the tissues in the injured body part. While many patients think that a chiropractor only cares for the back, this health care expert also provides treatment for other types of injuries such as a whiplash of the neck or a hip injury. A chiropractor can also help a patient overcome other medical issues such as problems with the feet that make it difficult to walk or stand without pain.

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When you have chronic headaches, vertigo or brain fog, the treatment provided by a Kinnelon NJ chiropractor can relieve these problems. Many of these conditions are caused by having pinched nerves in the neck or spine, but you may also have poor posture that is leading to these difficulties. A chiropractor also has training in creating better dietary plans or helping patients to perform exercises at home that will relieve pain. To learn more about chiropractic care, contact Advanced Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy at 973-616-4555, or you can visit our website.

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