Treatment of Spine and Neck Injuries

When a person is involved in a fall or a traffic accident they often sustain injuries. Sometimes those injuries do not become apparent for several days. They may require people to go to a facility like the clinic for Spine And Neck Injuries Sharonville.

Trauma is the common cause for Spine And Neck Injuries. These types of injuries are serious and often medical emergencies. People often sustain neck injuries as a result of sudden movements or overuse or a blow to the head and shoulder area. If a person breaks their neck, that can cause a spinal injury. Additional causes of spinal injury are traffic accidents, work-related accidents, sports injuries, assault and surgical complications.

Someone that sustains a neck injury may exhibit some of the following symptoms: neck stiffness, radiating pain in the shoulder/head region, severe pain or inability to move extremities, and headache/dizziness. Treatment for a neck injury includes: immobilization of the neck, application of ice packs, x-rays/MRI, rehabilitation and possible surgery.

A person that sustains a spinal cord injury may experience weakness and loss of feeling in the area of the injury. The severity of the symptoms depends on the severity of the injury.

Some lower back injuries can cause nerve damage. No matter what level the injury occurs on a patient may expect to experience

An injury at any level can cause spasticity, incontinence, numbness, pain, and weakness or paralysis. There may also be a loss of feeling in the extremities.

A spinal cord injury should be treated right way. It is a medical emergency. Time is critical and can affect the outcome. Doctors may use medications such as corticosteroids to reduce swelling.

In order to relieve pressure on the spine caused by fluid or tissue a doctor will perform surgery. They may also perform surgery to fuse a broken spine. A patient can spend several weeks in traction to prevent the spine from moving.

If a person has any kind of spinal or neck injury they should not hesitate to seek medical help. It is better to be sure that the injury is nothing major and only a professional can make that diagnosis.





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