Trends For Kitchen Cabinets 2013


Kitchen cabinets have become of the easiest ways to update the look of your kitchen. There are many companies that sell RTA or ready to assemble kitchen cabinets that make it easy to install your own kitchen cabinets at home. Kitchen cabinets have become one of the frontrunners for home renovations and for 2013 these are some of the strongest trends to update your space.

  • Floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets. This style of kitchen cabinets look chic and are as functional as they are stylish. Floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets are typically done in one uniform color, but can also be done in different shades of the same color. Interesting color combinations are slate gray with true gray or chocolate with a soft mocha color. The floor to ceiling kitchen cabinet system is ideal for those who want a modern update without changing too much about the room. Cabinets are usually installed under existing cabinets. Some of the cabinets can have glass doors if you want to be able to see into the cabinet, while others can be completely enclosed. Doors can vary between the floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets for an interesting spin that can also play with texture depending on the materials you’re using.
  • Mixing up cabinets and storage finishes. This trend is happening because people want to update only parts of the kitchen. Overall, style is moving away from a uniform look. With the mix trend, you can implement new cabinets with old cabinets. This means if your previous kitchen was all metal, you can start by installing a few cabinets in white wood. You would think this look might read as strange, but in reality, it creates a modern mix that looks great for any home. Large kitchens look especially stylish with the mix cabinets trend because they have the space for the cabinets to break up without creating a cluttered feeling to the room. Those with smaller kitchen may want to stick with similar colors in a room, but can feel free to experiment with different finishes and textures.
  • Mismatched islands. Let’s say your entire room is wood. A steel island adds a modern feel to the room without causing you to undergo major renovations. Swapping out the island in the kitchen can breathe new life into it without ripping the entire kitchen apart for a total makeover. This has become a popular trend and can easily update your space.

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