Trends for Men’s Dress Shirts in NYC

If you’re a man in the working world, it’s likely that you have to wear a collared shirt every single day. This can feel like a chore at times, which is why it’s essential that you implement the latest fashion trends for mens dress shirts in NYC. You want to stand out of the crowd whether you’re at work or you are on a date. The right mens dress shirts in NYC will give you the edge you need to feel and look your best.

The Latest Men’s Dress Shirts Trends

  • Pastels.
  • Fine prints.

Pastels have been hot on the runway for a few seasons and the trend has finally carried over into men’s fashion. This means that pastel colors are a great choice for the work place or any other event that calls for a dress shirt. Cotton dress shirts work well in pastels because they never look overdone or like you’re trying too hard. Those with a slight sateen finish are ideal for special occasions such as a prom, a dance or a wedding. Pastel colors can be difficult to wear. Blue is always flattering for men with a fair to medium skin tone. Those men with tan or dark skin can opt for the more playful pastel hues such as pink and green.

Fine prints have also taken off for men’s fashion. Small prints are flattering on almost every body shape and they always look good. Unlike midsize or large prints, fine prints don’t add any weight to your frame. This means your shirt will help you to look great in photos. Right now, the trend is taking off towards light fine prints anchored by a dark background. Look for dark purple or navy shirts with a contrasting fine print. The classic prints, such as plaid and gingham, have also undergone a makeover and look great in a smaller size.

These new trends for mens dress shirts NYC area are easy to wear and look great on any occasion. Get that trendy look and feel confident the next time you’re headed to the office or a party. Remember that you will need a good fit in addition to a great pattern. Keep your silhouette tailored and crisp by avoiding old-fashioned dress shirts that have a boxy shape. A streamlined silhouette is just the ticket for feeling great about your wardrobe.

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