Trust Your Laundry to the Edina, MN Pligrim Cleaners

There are several different ways for people to use a dry cleaning and laundry company. The most obvious way is to bring delicate items to the Edina MN Pilgrim Cleaners to be dry cleaned. These are usually items such as silk blouses or cashmere sweaters. Even handwashing them at home can damage them. The most popular cleaners have same day service. People can drop them off on their way to work and pick them up on their way home.

Many men like to bring their shirts to the Edina MN Pilgrim Cleaners, because they are so difficult and time consuming to iron properly. Ironing is actually becoming a lost art in many families. Most items are wash and wear, so there might not be anyone in the house that knows how to iron a shirt. If a man drops off half a dozen shirts each weak, then he should find a laundry that has a loyalty program. That way he can minimize his laundry costs.

These programs at the Edina MN Pilgrim Cleaners can offer a substantial saving and don’t require a sign-up fee. Members receive 20 percent off of dry cleaning and 10 percent off of laundry orders. They are given special bags to drop off their orders, so there is no need to wait in line. Their credit cards are on file, so their order is automatically charged. If they call ahead, their order is waiting for them. After they’ve spent $200 at the laundry, they get a $10 coupon for their next order.

Some people don’t have washing machines in their home, so they have to find a clean and safe laundry with machines they can use. The Edina MN Pilgrim Cleaners has a variety of well-maintained machines in a well-lit space. Some of these machines are bigger than those available in homes. Many apartments or condominiums have small washing machines and dryers. These are fine for clothing, but when it’s time to wash bath towels and bedding, the laundry machines might be a better choice. Some times washing machines or dryers break. It’s handy to have a back up during those times.

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