Trustworthy Long Distance Moving Companies Serving Phoenix, AZ

Long distance moves are generally a big deal as they sometimes involve packing up and moving an entire home or business over long periods of time. Finding long distance moving companies in Phoenix AZ that will not only help pack and unpack, but will also guard what is moved over the length of the journey can be tough.

Sometimes the easiest way to handle a long distance move is to hire a company that can help organize the move every step of the way. Whether across the Nation or around the globe, there are relocation agencies that can help organize a plan of action and make the move feel like it was just across the street.

What to Look for in Long Distance Moving Companies

Long before moving dates are set, it’s a good idea to gather a list of potential long distance moving companies in Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix, AZ residents may find that local moving agencies can also provide long distance moving services through partner companies such as Berger Transfer & Storage, Inc.

When selecting a moving company from the Phoenix, AZ area, look for key services that will not only ensure a successful move, but will also ensure peace of mind during the moving process. For instance, all inclusive relocation agencies may offer services such as:

  • Custom-designed management and move plan, unique to specific moves
  • Free estimate
  • Free move preparation pack
  • Free info pack on destination town/city
  • Single point of contact
  • Property protection
  • Full or partial packing and unpacking
  • Online tracking 24/7
  • Valuation coverage and claims management
  • Specialty packing and crating for high value, unconventional or fragile items
  • Short and long-term storage

That’s a lot of services from just one company. Knowing someone else is looking out for the move as well can be a huge plus for the overall moving experience.

Request References

One of the best ways to ensure that potential movers from the Phoenix, AZ area are trustworthy is to request references. Looking for online comments and reviews regarding the company may also be of help. Don’t take a company’s word for it when it comes to reliability, punctuality, and credibility. Always follow up and do a little extra research.

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