Try Accurate Home-Use Infusion Testing Device to Know Cannabis Potency

The cannabis industry is currently booming in many states, and more states are allowing more growers and manufacturers to open their doors. It is important to be able to figure out a product or infusion’s potency before using it. This is why anyone in these situations should try an accurate and easy-to-use home use infusion testing device to determine cannabis potency.

Determine Cannabis Infusions & Other Products with a Home-Use Device

There are strict rules and laws that govern this industry, and everyone involved in the growing, manufacturing, and selling of cannabis and cannabis products must abide by them to stay in business and to avoid fines. Many satisfied consumers are loving the convenience of knowing exactly how strong or weak that their cannabis product, infusion, or plant parts truly are without having to send the sample off.

Test Can Be Performed on Alcohol, Butter or Oil Infusion

For caregivers who desire to check their client’s infusion for potency levels, this handy at-home-use device delivers infusion testing in 2 minutes. The process couldn’t be easier. Simply select your preferred infusion solution of alcohol, butter, or oil using 5 drops. Then run a fast over-the-phone test using the accompanying app.

Test Expansion Kits Available to Test Potency of Buds & Other Components

Many growers and cannabis manufacturers need to find an easier way to test the concentration of their plant buds, flowers, leaves, or other cannabis plant-related components. An expansion kit will allow this. Contact tCheck via

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