Two Important Principles of Child Support Law in Sheboygan, WI

Children are always among the most vulnerable members of society, so the legal system includes many provisions meant to protect them. Laws in Wisconsin regarding the support of children after a divorce are quite detailed and often fairly unambiguous about their implications.

Even so, the legal system is highly complex, and it is possible to easily fall afoul of many common problems if great care is not taken. Engaging an attorney to work through matters involving child support law in Sheboygan, WI often proves to be the best solution to this common dilemma.

Courts Dedicated to Making Sure That Children Receive the Support to Which They Are Entitled

When trying to arrive at suitable terms for divorce, courts often have to strive to balance the interests of the two adults in question. About the provisions made for children, judges most often weight the needs of minors much more heavily than any other considerations.

Matters involving child support law in Sheboygan, WI most often come down to using the legal system to help protect and support dependents as best as possible. Some of the issues that will most often be relevant to such cases relate to legally enshrined requirements like:

  • Support from both parents – The laws in Wisconsin are clear in stating that children are entitled to financial and other support from both of their parents. In almost every conceivable case, it will not be possible for either parent to evade responsibility for providing support if the court judges that would be detrimental to children.
  • Percentage of income – Even though both parents will normally be required to contribute to the financial support of children, the amount of responsibility assigned to each will typically vary. Courts in Wisconsin are required to stick fairly closely to a well-established standard that hinges on the amount of regular income each party makes.

Attorneys Are Ready to Help Work Through Even the Most Complex Child Support Matters

While some child support arrangements end up being simple and straightforward enough, that can never be taken for granted. Contact us to learn how having a lawyer address questions regarding child support will inevitably make things much easier.


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