Two Rules You Should Never Forget When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

The decision to hire a criminal defense attorney in Wicker Park requires careful thought. With thousands of active lawyers serving communities across America, how do you select the right one? Whatever circumstances have led you here to find a proactive criminal defense team, you deserve the best legal services. The following pointers will help you choose the right path:

Your Attorney Should Have the Right Experience

You need an attorney that has extensive litigation experience in criminal defense with an outstanding track record. Attorneys that focus on a particular area of law demonstrate a higher level of intelligence on related subject matters, which will help your case. Your criminal defense attorney in Wicker Park might specialize in misdemeanor felonies, capital offenses, or violent crimes. Some lawyers are interdisciplinary in a particular category of law. When you interview your criminal defense team, you should probe into their practice ethics and expertise to understand if it’s broadly multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary. This approach should help you to narrow down your choices based on the feedback you receive.

Value of a Proactive Team Behind Your Lawyer

No legal representative has total immunity against natural sickness, and even top attorneys take time off to recover from an illness. Sometimes your lawyer is under the spell of the flu or another airborne virus and cannot go to work. While your attorney is getting some much-needed rest, a dedicated team of paralegals, legal administrative assistants, and partners should be working on your case in the background. Of course, responsible attorneys will choose a competent substitute until your primary criminal defense attorney in Wicker Park resumes duty. Legal practice work requires a unit to get everything done. It’s never up to a single attorney to complete all the tasks. A lawyer’s team plays an instrumental role in the litigation process because researching elements of the case, filing paper and representing you in court requires a team effort.

If you need an experienced, knowledgeable, and proactive criminal defense team on your side, the Law Office of Ivan Rueda & Associates are your greatest ally in these matters. We’re a board-registered law practice with an incredible amount of experience litigating criminal law.

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