Types Of Auto Accidents That Involve Negligence

Not every auto accident includes the act of negligence. Sometimes, people really do make honest mistakes on the road and don’t behave negligently when an auto accident occurs. It’s always a tragedy that usually results in damage to both property and person, but there is a difference between negligence and an honest mistake. It is those acts of negligence that are shocking to attorneys and the legal system in general. These are the ones that stand out, that have horrific consequences, and that should have never happened. To understand negligence as it takes place in auto accidents, you need an auto accident attorney in Norman, OK, to explain the things that constitute negligence. While there is a legal definition, it’s easier to understand in terms of actual real-life examples.

Let’s say that someone is very drunk and gets behind the wheel of a car. This person is knowingly taking their own safety and that of others into their own intoxicated hands, and if an auto accident occurs, the person who is intoxicated behaved in a criminally negligent way. They could be held accountable not just in a civil case but also in a criminal case.

Sleep Deprivation
Other acts of negligence aren’t necessarily criminal but still result in dramatic property damage and damage to life. For example, a driver who is driving when they’ve been deprived of sleep can sometimes cause an accident. This can be considered negligent in some cases and, depending on the amount of damage in the accident, an auto accident attorney in Norman, OK, can make sense of the facts of the case and pursue damages.

How much you get will depend on the type of monetary damages occur as a result of the accident. The negligent person can be held accountable for lost wages, medical bills, and property damage to the vehicle itself. A good auto accident attorney in Norman, OK, will help you sort through it.

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