Types of Residential Features Constructed by a Fence Builder in Saint Paul, MN

A fence builder in Saint Paul MN typically offers construction in a broad variety of materials and designs. Vinyl, wood, and metal are the three main kinds of materials used for fencing. Vinyl is exceptionally popular among residential property owners because it’s affordable and does not require much maintenance. It can be used as a privacy fence, blocking all views from outside. In contrast, it can be constructed with pickets and spaces for beautification. That style can still be entirely functional, keeping children and pets in the yard and preventing passersby from cutting through the property as a shortcut. Some property owners with large yards like to have a picket fence installed just at a corner or two for decorative purposes, and for deterring that short-cutting tendency if the property is on a corner with sidewalks.

Privacy fences are made with slats that have no spaces between. They provide a certain amount of sound-reducing effects, making them desirable for people who live on streets with a lot of traffic. If they like to spend time in the backyard, they don’t necessarily want to hear the continuous loud noises of vehicles, and they don’t want everyone being able to see what they’re doing. Individuals, couples, and families who enjoy having lunch and dinner outdoors prefer being able to do so without strangers viewing the activity. Homeowners must verify the maximum height allowed for a privacy fence in their neighborhood. A Fence Builder in Saint Paul MN typically is willing to do that for them.

Wood fencing as installed by a contractor such as Dakota Unlimited works for all these purposes as well, but it does require occasional painting or staining to prevent deterioration. Metal fences usually are of two types. Iron or aluminum made to look like iron is useful for decorative fencing that also prevents people from coming into the yard, but does not provide privacy. Metal chain link fencing is primarily functional for enclosing property. These options do not provide much privacy, but they do offer some level of security. Covering the fences with vines or planting shrubbery in front of them makes them look more decorative.

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