Types of Safes : Manhattan High Security Safe Guide

Knowing the various types of safes available makes it easier to select one that meets all of your individual security needs. When shopping around for safes, Manhattan has an impressive collection of safes for all purposes, from gun safety to fire and burglary protection. Do you need a safe for your home or office? Perhaps you’re in need of a safe to guard your precious family heirlooms, priceless jewelry, extra money or antiques. Either way, it’s important to find the right type of safe for maximum protection of your prized possessions. Learn more about the various types of safes available for your home or office.

Fire Resistant Safes
For an entry-level safe that will help keep your important paper documents safe, a standard fire resistant safe is a prime option. While basic fire safes may not keep out a burglar, they will protect your possessions against heat and smoke damage in the event of a home fire. Check out the fire ratings and compare safes to find one that will suit your individual needs.

Burglary Safes
If you need a safes in Manhattan that offers both fire resistance and extra security against thieves, a burglary safe is the best choice. Most are made with high quality steel that are heavy and difficult to maneuver, making it challenging for thieves to take. Burglary safes can be found in a variety of types, including stand-alone safes, floor safes and wall safes. Just like all safes, burglary safes can be found in many sizes to fit various belongings.

Gun Safes
Gun safes have several benefits, including keeping your valuable guns safe during a fire or burglary, as well as keeping them out of the reach of children. Gun safes can be made using fire-resistant materials or from quality steel to keep out thieves. They also have a different type of interior with shelves that can be customized to hold the size of your guns. There is also extra space available to hold ammunition and your gun accessories.

Jewelry Safes
Many customers prefer to keep their priceless jewelry in a safe. When shopping for jewelry safes, Manhattan offers many safe features that can easily accommodate collections of any size. With flexible drawer options and velvet interiors, your jewelry will stay safe, moisture free and beautiful for years to come. It’s important to install a jewelry safe in a hidden area that is also accessible to you for easy access.

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