Types of Trailer Jacks in Fargo ND

When hauling any kind of trailer, a trailer jack is a necessary piece of equipment. There are many types of trailer jacks, depending on what type of trailer is being used and what the other purposes the jack will be used for are. Here is a basic summary of Trailer Jacks in Fargo ND and the types they entail.

  • The basic use of a trailer jack is to raise or lower the trailer to the coupler and hitch or unhitch the trailer from the ball. For this purpose, the weight of the trailer tongue will need to be taken into consideration. Tongue weight refers to the pressure that is downward exhibited by the coupler onto the hitch ball. This is usually ten to fifteen percent of the total gross weight, of the trailer when fully loaded. The jack that is used will need to accommodate this tongue weight or serious consequences can occur.
  • Just as with weight, height will need to be taken into consideration. To determine the tongue height, measure from the bottom of the coupler to the ground. The jack will need to be able to accommodate this height when retracting. Make sure to take into account instances of uneven ground, as this will cause the height to vary at times.

There are many types of jacks used by people. Here are a few of the most common:

  • A-Frame trailer jacks are commonly used with campers and landscape trailers as well as A-frame utilities. They have a great lift potential and come in both manual crank and a drop-leg option. Both options are very convenient to use. This is the type of trailer jack most people think of when discussing them.
  • Side-mount trailer jacks come in three mounting styles. These are pull-pin swivel, pipe-mount, and drop-leg. These types of jacks are especially useful when the need is present for pivoting around clearance.

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