Understanding the Basics of Personal Injury Law in Valdosta, GA

In Georgia, personal injury cases present victims with a chance to seek damages after sustaining an avoidable injury. The basis of the case can be related to a criminal act or negligence. The victim must have evidence that shows a direct link between their injuries and the individual accused of causing the injuries. A local attorney can help victims explore personal injury law in Valdosta, GA.

The Statutes of Limitation

The state of Georgia imposes a statute of limitations of two years. Claimants have until the second anniversary of the event that caused their injuries to file a legal claim. After two years have passed, all rights to seek damages are forfeited. The statute applies to all personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Identifying a Viable Claim

Attorneys will review the evidence for the claim and how the injuries occurred. The details determine if the claimant has a viable claim against the defendant. Attorneys don’t charge the victims upfront and, instead, collect a percentage of the monetary award. If the claim is not viable, it is not feasible for the attorney to present it to the court.

Strict Liabilities and Extensive Penalties

Certain personal injury cases impose strict liabilities that increase the monetary award. For example, a dog bite case presents the owner with a stricter liability if the dog was involved in previous attacks. The pet owner must pay a higher monetary award due to the strict liability and the fact that they knew the dog was dangerous.

In a medical malpractice case, a doctor must pay punitive damages as a form of punishment for failing their patient. However, if the injuries were caused by an act of malice, the doctor could face jail time. The circumstances of the injuries determine if an act of malice occurred, or if it was considered a hate crime.

In Georgia, personal injury cases offer a legal avenue for collecting compensation. The evidence determines if the victim has a viable claim against the accused. Medical records, eyewitnesses and DNA evidence offer vital proof in some cases. Claimants who need to learn more about personal injury law in Valdosta, GA can contact an attorney.

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