Understanding the Benefits of Celebrity Veneers

Want to transform your smile as quickly as possible, without waiting for months to see results? The answer might be to have celebrity veneers from a North Hollywood dentist. Not entirely sure what celebrity veneers are or how they can so radically transform your smile in such a short time? Let’s dig into the situation in a bit more depth.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin porcelain overlays that are applied to your natural teeth. There is no need for bleaching, or even for removing damaged teeth. Veneers do not cause any pain or discomfort during installation, and the entire process takes very little time.

Veneers offer a wide range of benefits, whether you’re heading in for an audition and want a Hollywood smile, or you’ve got an important event coming up. For instance, they look remarkably natural, ensuring that you have a whiter smile without the telltale look of older dental appliances. They can also be used for other purposes than brightening your smile, such as:

*    Hiding gaps between teeth
*    Hiding discolored or gray teeth
   Make short teeth longer
*    Cover up crooked teeth

How Long Do Celebrity Veneers Take?

Conventional whitening treatments can take months to reach full effectiveness. However, celebrity veneers take just a few weeks. The process is not particularly involved, either. You’ll first need to have an inspection of your mouth and teeth, and then a mold will be taken to ensure that the veneers fit perfectly. The mold will be sent out to a special lab where the veneers will be made. This usually takes one to two weeks.

Once they come in, you’ll head back to the dental office to have them installed. The installation process usually requires a brief drilling of the tooth’s surface to ensure the veneer bonds correctly, and then the veneers are placed on with a bonding agent. The result? A brilliant, bold, white smile that you can be proud of. The veneers themselves are completely invisible, blending in with your teeth and gum line and looking totally natural.

Interested in learning more about celebrity veneers in North Hollywood? We invite you to get in touch with us at Studio City Orthodontist. We’ve worked with a wide range of celebrities, other professionals, and individuals to help them achieve the flawless smile they desire. Call our office today a 818-452-5688 to schedule an appointment.

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