Understanding the Benefits of Muffler Repacking

Muffler repacking is a common and easily performed bit of motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile upkeep. This simple task can provide a number of benefits for the rider, those around them, and the vehicle itself. For the average rider, repacking should commonly be done after 50 hours of riding. Those who ride more aggressively or are active in racing or other high performance activities with their machines will need to repack much more often. One of the things to keep in mind is that while the packing material for mufflers looks like average fiberglass insulation from any home improvement store, it’s actually a much stronger alternative which has been manufactured specifically for high temperature applications.

Improving Engine Function

One of the biggest benefits to muffler repacking on dirt bikes, ATVs or snowmobiles is for an increase in horsepower generation. Studies have found on numerous occasions that fresh repacking can provide up to 2 horsepower gain, or from 7k to 8k rpm when compared to a used muffler. Competitive teams also take advantage of properly packed mufflers and can often be found on race day with multiple mufflers for each bike. All perfectly packed from the manufacturer and weighed before the race to ensure it has been fully packed. This extra increase in horsepower and rpm’s can mean the difference in a win or a loss on race day.

Reducing Noise

Whether you are a recreational rider or one who enjoys the competitive side, a reduction in noise is an added benefit of proper muffler packing. The fibers used in the packing material vibrate against each other to absorb the normal sound waves from your vehicle. Over time, these fibers will break down and be expelled through the muffler exhaust. One of the easiest ways to tell when you may need to have a repacking done is when the sound volume changes. For riders in certain areas, such as those who enjoy dirt biking through rural neighborhoods or for snowmobiles on dangerous mountains of snow, the reduced sound waves can ensure those around you are not disturbed by your enjoyable activities. Additionally, for snowmobiles, the reduced amount of sound waves from the muffler means the potential avalanche chance is lessened. Whether you ride on a track indoors, take it outdoors, or traverse snow and ice on a mountain the improved horsepower and reduction in noise from proper muffler repacking are just two of the many benefits you can experience.

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