Understanding the Deep Plane Facelift in Boston, MA

by | Mar 13, 2024 | Plastic Surgery

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Thanks to our pursuit of age-defying beauty, cosmetic procedures have continuously evolved over the years. Among these advancements, the deep plane facelift in Boston, MA, stands as a beacon of rejuvenation, promising a youthful appearance and a natural-looking transformation that transcends time. This comprehensive guide will take you through this innovative technique and help you understand why it has become a popular choice for facial rejuvenation.

What Is a Deep Plane Facelift?

A deep plane facelift is a sophisticated surgical procedure designed to address advanced signs of aging in the midface and neck region. Unlike traditional facelift techniques, which primarily target superficial layers of skin and underlying tissues, the deep plane facelift involves repositioning and lifting deeper facial structures, including muscles and fat pads. The procedure starts at the corner of the eye, goes down the side of the nose, and moves under the cheekbone toward the jawline. This deep plane dissection allows for a more natural repositioning of facial tissues, resulting in a longer-lasting and more effective rejuvenation.

The Surgical Technique of a Deep Plane Facelift

When performing a deep plane facelift in Boston, MA, an anesthesiologist will administer anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the surgery. Then, the surgeon will strategically place discreet incisions to minimize visible scarring. These incisions may extend along your hairline, around the ears, and into the skin’s natural creases.

Once the incisions are made, the surgeon will carefully separate the skin from the underlying facial muscles and fat pads, gaining access to the deep plane—the layer of tissue between the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) and the deeper structures of the face.

Unlike traditional facelifts, where the SMAS layer is lifted and tightened, the deep plane facelift involves releasing and repositioning the deeper facial structures, allowing for more comprehensive correction of sagging tissues and restoring youthful contours to the face and neck. By lifting and repositioning these deeper structures, the deep plane facelift achieves more substantial and longer-lasting results than its superficial counterparts.

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