Understanding the Mountain, a Trader Must Climb

Most people entering the stocks and options market trading industry look at investments as a game of chance. Nothing is predictable but if you have luck, skill and a peer network, you can roll the dice and win more often than lose as you gain profits. These people are in it for the fast buck and the game of trading, much like a casino gambler. They never aim to acquire the knowledge and hone the skills to become expert traders of the stock market. So many ends up burning through their money quickly and not making any profitable gains.

For people like you who look at stock and options trading as a career with long-term wealth success, trading is much more like a mountain that needs to be climbed. At every level of the mountain, the trader must develop the skills and knowledge in successfully reading the market, understanding the behavior of stocks, being flexible with their trading decisions, and developing a commitment to their trading endeavours during both winning and losing periods to gain consistent returns.

In the Mastering the Financial Markets coaching program, we delve into the different levels of the mountain that the trader must climb to reach the pinnacle of trading and financial success. We help both beginner and expert traders scale each level by honing their skills so they can reach desired financial investment goals.

The Mountain a Trader Must Climb

There are five main levels to the mountain that a trader must climb to begin seeing consistent returns to their trading investments. By identifying each level’s key factors, adopting the methodologies and behaviors, as well as identifying the issues you may be having at certain levels will allow you to further hone your trading skills and knowledge. Then you can create a strong foundation that will allow you to proceed to the next level of your trading activities.

The 5 main levels to the mountain involve: Capitalization & Commitment, Capital Conservation, Competence, Confidence, and Consistent Returns. Let’s take a look at what is involved with each of these levels when you use the Mastering the Financial Markets coaching program and strategies when trading in the stock market.

Capitalization & Commitment

Capitalization and commitment involves two different factors that are intertwined. Before becoming a serious trader and expert market analysis, you need to understand the personal responsibility toward engaging in stocks and options trading. For every trading activity, you have to develop the belief in the trading system and your personal responsibility in taking the necessary actions at the right moment when a trading alert reaches you. You also need to have unwavering commitment that they action you are making was the right decision at that time.

In addition to commitment, you also need the capital not only to place toward potentially strong winning times but also during losing periods. By having the capital and commitment, you will have the ability to trade in many markets and trade multiple contracts confidentially. If you don’t have either capitalization & commitment, you will have problems in becoming a successful trader through the Mastering the Financial Markets coaching methodology.

Capital Conservation

The next step on the mountain is capital conservation. In the early stages of trading, you can become so focused in capital appreciation that you don’t take into consideration sound money management principles. This issue can lead to large money losses to the point where you could lose everything on one wrong trade or one long losing streak. Instead of focusing on capital appreciation, capital conservation has to become a priority. By implementing rigid risk control and sound money management principles, you will have more impactful trades with lasting and meaningful results.


With the Mastering the Financial Markets coaching program, trading competencies are created that match a trader’s style and objectives. Every trader has different objectives on their investments and a style that works based on their behavior and reactions to the stock market. We seek out to understand your trading preferences to develop analytical tools and execution capabilities where a trader can implement trading processes in a smooth and effortless manner.


After completing the first three levels of the mountain, you can next move up to the fourth level of building your confidence in regards to your trading abilities and methodologies. You become supremely confident about reading the behaviors of stock trades and implementing the right activities at the right time. Even when hitting a losing period, you are not surprised because this is how the stock market operates as you know that you will be seeing gains in time.

Instead, you remain patient and persistent while sticking with the developed trading strategies because you know the losing period will come to an end. By remaining optimistic and positive, you can continue to make the right decisions by constantly reviewing, upgrading and improving your strategies until the losing period ends and you start to see significant gains.

Consistent Returns

Now you have reached the top of the mountain. Here is where all traders want to be with their stocks and options trading. They aim for consistent returns for every single trade they make rather than getting the occasional trade after periods of inconsistencies. You want to see your gains and profits move in a smooth and rising equity curve where your wealth becomes stable and growing. By reaching the top of the mountain, you have more time to do those things you always wanted in life, such as going on vacations and drinking Mai-Tai cocktails by the poolside, while able to check your stock trades and make the best investment decisions according to your schedule.

The Mastering the Financial Markets coaching program isn’t just a single one-day commitment where you expect to receive big gains with just a few trades as you then cash out. It is a career lifestyle that requires a full commitment from start to finish. Once you learn to master each level of the mountain with our strategies, you will find yourself mastering the market to reach the financial goals that you have set for yourself and your lifestyle.

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