Understanding The Value And Difference In Rohana Wheels

When it comes to aftermarket rims and wheels, some manufacturers target the middle of the road vehicles when it comes to price and vehicle type. Other wheel manufacturers target to a specific type of car, and Rohana wheels definitely fit into that second category.

The company specifically makes Rohana wheels for the luxury vehicle market. They will often replace the OEM types of wheels and rims on vehicles such as BMWs, Mercedes, the high-end luxury lines of Nissans, Toyotas and Infinities as well as European imports.

In addition, you will also find Rohana wheels for the domestic luxury cars as well. They look amazing on the Cadillacs, Lincolns, Chrysler 300s and the new Tesla Model S mid-size sedan. This versatility in vehicles that match with the look and the design of these wheels make them a very popular brand but one that isn’t carried in many of the local wheel and tire shops.


The price of Rohana wheels is surprisingly affordable considering the technology and the manufacturing process of these vehicles. They offer a full line of concave wheels, all which are manufacturing through a pressure casting method. This provides a superior overall rim compared to a gravity cast manufacturing process used with the lower priced aftermarket wheels and rims.

The additional factor to keep in mind is that the concave low pressure cast wheels are incredibly durable. They are wheels you will drive for years. Their classic yet definitive look will never be out of style and they will hold their value, making them a great investment in a custom look.

Finish Options

As can be expected with rims for luxury high-end vehicles, Rohana wheels feature the classic finishes of silver, matte black and machined face to give more of a brushed silver look.

However, many wheel buyers are pleasantly surprised to find that the company also offers a graphite color, which looks amazing on any type of luxury vehicle with a dark body color.

The company has also stepped up its options with metallic red rims as well as a lustrous black that gives a more sleek and sporty look than the classic matte black finish.

Most of the Rohana wheels are available in either staggered or non-staggered configurations. They are also available in a good range of sizes from 19 to 20 inches depending on the model, color and design of the rims.

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