Understanding Veneers in Cary IL

Veneers in Cary IL can be the ideal cosmetic procedure to give you the smile that you have always loved. They can also help to preserve your natural teeth. Veneers in Cary IL are less invasive than other procedures and help to keep your natural teeth healthy.

What Are They

Veneers have been around for a while. They are like jackets for your teeth that can change the shape, color and even add length. They are a quick, easy, safe way to improve your smile without causing any damage.  They are thin sheets that are attached to your natural teeth with dental cement.

How They Can Help

There are quite a few situations when veneers are the ideal solution:

   * Discolored teeth that do not improve with whitening (nerve damaged teeth, severely stained teeth, genetically dark teeth)
   * Chipped teeth
   * Cracked teeth
   * Too small teeth
   * Misshapen teeth

Veneers can be made to cover up heavily stained or discolored teeth. They can be used on chipped teeth to cover up the chip, they also cover over cracked teeth. They can make too small teeth longer, change the shape of misshapen teeth and add volume to too thin teeth.

The Benefits

This cosmetic option has quite a few benefits like:

   * Cost effectiveness
   * Time savings
   * Protecting the natural teeth
   * Less painful than other options

This is a cost-effective option when compared to options like crowns. They also take less time to place than other options. Your natural teeth stay firmly in place with veneers and because the procedure is less invasive you do not have to worry about damage and side effects. The process is relatively pain free! Overall veneers are a great way to get the smile that you always wanted without any of the negatives that are present with other cosmetic dentistry. Cary Dental Associates offers veneers and other great cosmetic dental options!

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